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Pineapple Consulting Group is much more than a collective of industry experts. This group was founded by an alignment of the stars in 2016 when some craft Cannabis cultivators, a master chemist, chemical & environmental engineers, and a few bold entrepreneurs came together at QSP Sciences in Golden, Colorado.

The man who inspired a vision to elevate an industry through science, innovation, and collaboration was our amazing mentor, our General, and our friend, the late and truly great Steven Baugh.

Many knew Steve as one of the most coveted keynote speakers at some of the most important industry events like the Emerald Conference, and others new him as “The Cannabis Chemist” who authored the groundbreaking “Dots in a box” white paper, which is the first recorded roadmap for the future of pharmacology and bio-individually prescribed Cannabis derived medicine.

True Cannabis industry insiders of the last decade knew Steven Baugh, and many of them, including some of the largest manufacturing and extraction facilities in the industry today owe their success to the hard work and guidance of Steve and the QSP Sciences team. 

We honor our friend and teacher by weaving his legacy of genuine devotion into the very fabric of our client relationships.

Pineapple Consulting Group donates 5% of its revenue to the American Heart Association

In honor of Steven Baugh (1965-2019)

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