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05th Jun 2018

Medicinal Cannabis Use Can Help Mitigate Symptoms of PTSD, Study Says


Cross-country data from Statistics Canada shows that Canadians with PTSD who use medicinal cannabis are 60 to 65 percent less

14th May 2018

Colorado Cannabis Sales in March Highest Yet in 2018


According to Colorado state Department of Revenue data, cannabis sales in March reached $105,945,278 — up from $85,869,215 in February

14th May 2018

DEA Quietly Classifies CBD Oil as Schedule 1 Drug

On Wednesday, the DEA took yet another swipe at marijuana by amending its already bizarre classification of pot as a

14th May 2018

Colorado Medical Marijuana for Autism Bill Passes Legislature, Moves to Governor


Autism spectrum disorder could be added to Colorado’s list of conditions treatable with medical marijuana if Gov. John Hickenlooper approves

14th May 2018

Texas Grower, Dispensary Compassionate Cultivation Joins Epilepsy Foundation in Funding Partnership


Compassionate Cultivation, a vertically integrated CBD business in Texas, is partnering with state chapters of the Epilepsy Foundation to ease

03rd May 2018

Missouri House Passes Medical Cannabis Bill


Missouri’s House has passed a medical cannabis measure that would allow individuals with terminal illness and 11 other conditions to

03rd May 2018

Maine Lawmakers Override Gov. Veto of Adult-Use Implementation Bill


Maine lawmakers have overridden Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of the recreational cannabis implementation billm, setting the stage for sales to

24th Apr 2018

Sen. Chuck Schumer Wants to Decriminalize Cannabis. Here’s Why. | Leafly

United States

Last week, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sat down with VICE News to discuss his plan to introduce legislation that would

23rd Apr 2018

McConnell’s Bill Would Normalize the Hemp Industry

United States

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took to the chamber floor and laid out his case for the Hemp

23rd Apr 2018

Australian Green Party Proposes Cannabis Legalization


The Australian Parliamentary Budget Office has found that legalizing cannabis throughout the nation would be worth nearly $2 billion a year for

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